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Prescribing Nature


Hello, my name is Jennifer, and I’m a qualified Naturopathic Practitioner and owner of Prescribing Nature.

I studied Naturopathic Medicine at the Endeavour College of Natural Medicine, Melbourne Campus. I have been working in the natural health industry for 15 years and have knowledge of both scientific research-based medicine and traditional naturopathic principles. Naturopath and Homeopath Samuel R. Kennedy mentored me in both naturopathic medicine and Dark Field Microscopy. Samuel has 30 years of clinical experience in these specialties and runs a very successful natural health business on the Mornington Peninsula. I often see male and female patients of different ages for many different health conditions, but I specialise in Gut Health, Women's Health, Immune Health, and Functional Health Testing.

Prescribing Nature


What to Expect in an Initial Consultation

A one-on-one initial consultation involves taking a thorough case history, looking at presenting symptoms and health goals, past health issues, family history, and analysis of your lifestyle & daily diet. Depending on the patient and their needs, an initial consult may include Dark Field Microscopy, Blood Glucose Reading, Total Cholesterol Reading, or a Blood Pressure Reading. Further testing or investigations may be required in complex cases. After gathering all this information, I can put together a treatment plan tailored to your needs and your treatment goals.


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Whether you require health treatment, a check-up or just wellbeing advice Prescribing Nature can offer you a individualised health care in a caring environment where you’re not just a number.

Frequently Asked Questions

Naturopaths are trained to use only natural products, lifestyle changes, dietary adjustments to balance health issues. Naturopaths are trained in pathology testing and use minimal invasive treatment plans. Naturopaths are not to take the role of a medical doctor. I prefer working in conjunction with your Medical Doctor whenever possible.

Yes. I always ensure any naturopathic remedies prescribed will have no interactions with medications you are currently taking.

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