Naturopathic Blood Test Interpretation

$120.00 $99.00

Have you been told by your doctor your blood tests are all fine, but you don’t feel fine? It might be time for a second opinion.

If your doctor says your blood tests are fine, this generally means there are no signs of disease or deficiency yet. This doesn’t mean your vitamin or mineral levels are optimal, it just means you don’t have a deficiency yet. Although you were told things were fine, it doesn’t mean your body systems are running optimally or running in a way that is preventing disease in the near future.

What’s included?

Pathology interpretation and guidance on the right supplements to address any nutritional deficiencies and support the optimal function of the body systems. After purchasing your Blood Test Interpretation, please send your blood tests to [email protected] with your full name and include any diagnosed health conditions and supplements/medications you are taking.

You’ll have your results back within two weeks.

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